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Please arrive at the time of your reservation. If you arrive late, we may not be able to guarantee your reservation.



Due to changing public health standards, visit requests cannot be guaranteed. Thank you for your understanding.  

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The Bahá’í Gardens were built to provide a fitting approach to and setting for the Shrines in which the founders of the Bahá’í religion are buried. The gardens aim to create a quiet and tranquil environment allowing all the visitors to benefit from peaceful surroundings of the holy places. The gardens are open to the general public without charge - all are welcome.

As in most other such sites, visitors are asked to dress modestly, to help keep the place clean and beautiful, and to behave in a manner that is considerate of the sensitivities of others. Please read these reminders before entering the gardens.  

Please Read the Recommendations & Reminders


Public Health and Safety 

Protecting visitors and staff in the Bahá’í Gardens is our primary concern. For your protection, please remember to follow all 'purple standards' when entering gardens

Current public health measures restrict the number of persons allowed to enter the Bahá’í Gardens at one time. To ensure your entry is not delayed, you are encouraged to make a reservation for a guided tour.  

Please Read 'Purple Standards'

How to Visit


Self-guided Visits

Visitors can enter certain areas of the Bahá’í Gardens in both Haifa and ‘Akko. We look forward to increasing opportunities to visit - please check back later more ways to visit become more available. ​


In Haifa:

In ‘Akko:

Guided Tours

Professional guides are available on a limited schedule to provide tours of the Bahá’í Gardens. Special arrangements can be made for large groups of more than 20 people.


In Haifa:


In ‘Akko:

For More Information:


Phone:  +972 (4) 831 3131  

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