Arrangements for Organized Groups

If you are in charge of making arrangements for a group of 18 or more, or one with special interests, we will be pleased to work with you to organize a suitable program.  A number of different types of tours can be arranged, and we would like to help you choose the one that will best meet the expectations of your group. 

We ask that you contact us well in advance ― at least a week before the proposed visit ― so that we can coordinate the day and time, plan the itinerary and assign guides who speak the preferred language of your group. There is no charge for our tours or for the services of the guides provided by us. 

A brief description of the various tours may be accessed by clicking on the side menu of this page. Clicking “Arrange a tour” will take you to an e-mail form where you will be prompted to provide the necessary information about your group and the tour you would like to arrange. Upon receipt of your completed form we will contact you by e-mail to confirm the arrangements or discuss possible changes.

Recommendations and reminders

The Bahá’í Gardens are a religious site that is open to the general public without charge. As in most other such sites, visitors are asked to dress modestly, to help keep the place clean and beautiful, and to behave in a manner that is considerate of the sensitivities of others.

Dress: Please wear clothing that covers your shoulders and reaches your knees. Because of the pebbled paths and occasionally slippery pavements, we recommend wearing comfortable shoes with good traction. During the summer months, consider bringing a hat and sun screen.

Photography is permitted, except for the interior of the Shrines.

Food and drink: Visitors are welcome to bring their own bottle of water, but other drinks, food and chewing gum are not allowed inside the gardens.

Strollers: Entry with strollers is possible only at the main entrance on 80 Hatzionut Avenue, and at the first level of German Colony Plaza on 21 Hagefen Street. For the safety of our visitors, the use of a stroller is not possible on tours due to the steep slope

Other prohibitions: Kindly do not bring animals or weapons.

Gardens closed: The gardens are closed on Bahá’í Holy Days and Yom Kippur. They may also be closed temporarily in rainy weather.

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Gardens Closed

As a precautionary public health measure, the Bahá’í Gardens and the Shrine are closed to visitors until further notice. We look forward to welcoming you again soon.