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Accessibility in the Bahá’í Gardens

The Bahá’í Gardens are committed to providing options for visitors with special needs or disabilities to experience the gardens. We are dedicated to developing accessible tour routes and tour content specifically tailored for those with special needs. We look forward to the opportunity to help make your visit enjoyable and informative.

Please call or email make reservations or provide feedback:

See our Accessibility Statement

Recommended Guided Tour
This route starts and ends at Hatzionut Avenue 103. The entrance is marked by a large black iron gate. The route surface is paved or paved flagstone. It begins with 10 meters of moderate slope and continues for about 50 meters on a flat path to a viewing area and terrace. From there, the Shrine and the upper terraces can be viewed. The visitors return to the starting point.

Please contact us 10 business days in advance of your visit to ensure you have the information most suitable to you, your family or group.  The group size is limited to 15 people.