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Organized groups - The Bahá'í Gardens

Arrange a tour for an organized group

We welcome visits to the Bahá’í Gardens by organized groups of 25 or more and those with special interests.

This form helps us coordinate the day and time of your tour, plan the itinerary and assign one or more guides who speak the preferred language of your group. To give us sufficient time to make these arrangements, we ask that you submit the form at least one week before the proposed visit.

Upon receipt of your completed form, we will contact you by e-mail to confirm the arrangements or to discuss possible changes.

* Required informaton

Person organizing this tour *

Contact information

Agency or organization contact
Main contact person participating in the tour
Additional contact person (recommended for groups of 30 or more)

Group details and tour preferences

Information about the group
Select a tour (approximate length of tour shown) *
Haifa and ‘Akko combined
Preferred tour date and time
Tours must be arranged at least one week in advance. Tours are not offered on Wednesdays.
Preferred language for the tour
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